Corporation Schools and Balwadis

SRCT was the pioneer in introducing the Montessori method to public schools way back in 2004.

Maria Montessori stated that “education is assistance to life”. However holistic, quality education was reserved for the elite; till Sriramacharan Trust came into the picture.

Disparity in the educational systems available between the affordable and the underprivileged should embarrass every citizen. As it did our founder members.

Corporation schools and balwadis cater to the poorest of the poor in our society and a child friendly method as the Montessori is the most appropriate for these children who come from harsh back grounds.

The schools have spacious buildings and good infrastructure; and the children are provided with mid-day meals. This made our intervention a complete package for these children.

Remedial Classes for Corporation School Children

As is well known many students in corporation schools who are from broken homes and marginalized sections of the community are woefully lagging behind in studies. This is due to many reasons like Domestic disharmony, Relocation, Medical reasons and Lack of awareness towards continued education. Such children need individual attention and we are providing tuition to these children through the Montessori Method. We are keen to bring them on par with the other students. At present over 315 children are benefitting under this project.

Montessori Teacher Training for Underprivileged women

Till 2020 Sri Ramacharan has sponsored the training of 71 underprivileged women for the full-year Montessori Training Course conducted by the Center for Montessori Training – Chennai.

Our guiding philosophy is to train / employ women with aptitude rather than formal qualification; for this purpose we identify deserving candidates from backward localities,and sponsor their training. Our trainees also intern with us in our schools under experienced teachers even while undergoing this training.

This ‘on the job’ training gives them a definite edge over untrained teachers and also the direct experience of working in Corporation schools helps them adapt to working conditions in Corporation Schools easily and quickly. They are also already sensitized on how to handle children with respect and diligence. Launched one year certificate course in 2023 with 48 candidates in the first batch.

Sponsoring the Education of Underprivileged Children

Sri Ramacharan identifies donors to directly sponsor the school fees for a few deserving children who hail from the lower socio-economic strata. Connecting sponsors with needy children and giving them feedback on the child’s progress has made donors very happy.
Criteria for identifying children are –

  1. Studied Montessori under SRCT
  2. Passed competitive entrance tests conducted by Private schools
  3. Economically backward