About Us

Social transformation through
quality primary education

Education is not just learning the 3 R’s. 

How can a child’s natural curiosity be tapped into an abiding interest in learning throughout the life? 

How can self confidence and self esteem be infused into the child by following the maxim “Respect the child”? 

How can cleanliness, hygiene and compassion be incorporated in the classroom/ school experience of the child? 

About Us

Vision and Mission of the Trust

Bring about a social change through quality primary education. Ensure not just academic skills, but also create a positive role in accordance with the Montessori Philosophy in shaping the personality of the children in Public schools who come from a harsh living environment.

To empower women from the lower income groups to have financial independence by offering the Montessori Teacher Training Course.

About Us

A Brief history

In 2004, Sri Ramacharan Charitable Trust introduced Montessori Education to the Children of the Corporation schools of Chennai for the first time. The Trust started its first Montessori Environment in VP Koil Street, Mylapore, to about 45 Kindergarten students – divided into 2 environments (sections). 

The impact of the education was very evident in barely 3 months when the Trust organized a Parents meet. They expressed their happiness and gratitude. All of them said that their children seemed transformed to quieter, well-disciplined and mindful children from being unruly, loud and inattentive. 

The Trust has grown from strength to strength since then and currently SRCT supports 54 classrooms, in 14 Chennai corporation schools, one government school and 2 balwadis (6 environments) in implementing the Montessori methodology.

Why working with Corporation Schools Matter to us

Corporation Schools and Balwadis

Maria Montessori stated that “education is assistance to life”. However holistic, quality education was reserved for the elite; till Sriramacharan Trust came into the picture.

Montessori Teacher Training for Underprivileged women

Till 2020 Sri Ramacharan has sponsored the training of 71 underprivileged women for the full-year Montessori Training Course conducted by the Center for Montessori Training – Chennai.

Remedial Classes for Corporation School Children

As is well known many students in corporation schools who are from broken homes and marginalized sections of the community are woefully lagging behind in studies.

Sponsoring the Education of Underprivileged Children

Sri Ramacharan identifies donors to directly sponsor the school fees for a few deserving children who hail from the lower socio-economic strata.

Why Montessori?

Montessori is based on child’s education being guided by inner needs and interests. Two important development needs of children are that the Montessori method fulfil are the need of freedom within limits and a prepared environment which exposes the children for scientifically tested materials and experiences.